Total Body Mindful Movement with Doris

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This event is running from 14 June 2018 until 27 June 2019. It is next occurring on December 20, 2018 4:30 pm

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Total Body Mindful Movement with Doris. FREE for members/$10 plus HST for non-members.


Total Body Mindful Movement is a hybrid style class that includes elements of yoga, Pilates, resistance training using body weight, dumbbells, and other portable equipment to target the total body while focusing on mindfulness and matching breath to movement. Practicing being in the present moment while we move mindfully in and out of exercises emphasizing posture and alignment, you’ll learn to connect the mind to the body. Modifications will be offered to suit all fitness and energy levels. Benefits include: improved strength, mobility, flexibility, stability, core strength, mind-body connection, relaxation, injury prevention and body awareness.