Total Body Fitness
An extremely effective strength training routine using everything from dumbbells to your own body weight, working every muscle with a touch of cardio. This is the perfect class for all ages and fitness levels. Get ready to feel the burn!
Indoor Spin

An indoor spin class is a workout that focuses on the lower body, particularly on the quads, glutes, and hamstrings. Using special stationary bikes is an amazing way to increase cardio endurance and stamina.


Is a high-intensity training that produces remarkable results in both aerobic and anaerobic capacity. It combines intensity intervals of cardio and strength for a workout that will challenge every cell in your body.

55+ Fitness

55+Fitness is designed for older adults looking to increase muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance and flexibility. Participants work at their own pace in this low-impact, easy-to-follow class using light dumbbells and bodyweight. Have fun, enjoy the music and make new friends!

A Barre workout class combines ballet, light weights, and Pilates for a low-impact, fat-burning workout. Each class includes an upper body section using light weights, barre work, and mat work. You not only torch calories but also develop lean muscle mass and tone by using high repetitions and isometric movements to target all the major muscle groups.

The class also incorporates stretching segments after each strengthening series, so you’ll also lengthen your body and increase flexibility while you tone.

Boot Camp
It’s the workout that doesn’t feel like a workout. Trenna packs each workout with calorie-blasting cardio, kickboxing, body-sculpting, and dance moves set to the hottest music ever.
Mindful Yoga & Meditation

This class offers simple yoga stretches and muscle strengthening and toning through slow controlled movements. The meditation segment gives you a sense of calm, inner peace, and balance that benefits both your emotional well-being and overall health.

A no impact workout with a slower pace, which focuses on controlled movements to stretch and strengthen your body.
Strengthen & Lengthen
This class uses balls, weights, and a mat to give a balance of conditioning, strength, and stretching exercises. It is designed for all fitness levels and combines strength training movements, core training exercises, and stretching by using a variety of genres such as yoga and Pilates.
Fitness 101

Want to take a class but don’t know where to start or feel you don’t know how?

Fitness 101 teaches the fundamentals of cardio, strength, muscle conditioning, and flexibility in an easy-to-follow format. Any fitness level can do it! Open to all members.

Circuit Body Blast
This class offers a form of conditioning combining resistance training and high-intensity aerobics. It is designed to be easy to follow and target strength building as well as muscular endurance.
Spin, Strength & Stretch

This class is comprised of 30 minutes of cardio conditioning on the bikes, followed by a yoga-inspired strength sequence and stretches.

Hi/Lo Energy
This classic cardio class uses Hi/Lo impact choreography to suit all fitness levels. Resistance equipment such as weights and body bars will be used for total body toning after the cardio session.

Class Schedule

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