Why should I work with a personal trainer?

If you are just starting out with a workout program or aren’t seeing results with your current routine, a personal trainer might be a great option for you!

Our personal trainers will

  • Keep you engaged
  • Challenge you!
  • Make your workouts fun
  • Help you with a specific injury, illness, or condition
  • Assist you in training for a specific sport

Whatever the reason, rest assured our trainers will find the right workout plan for you.

Allie stewart


Phone: (902) 628-5909

Programs Offered:

  • Basic Resistance & Weight Training
  • Conditioning
  • Strength Enhancement
  • Confidence!
  • Muscle Memory
  • Nutrition Habit Assessment & Coaching

Allie Stewart, a born and raised true islander, is a graduate from Holland Colleges Sport and Leisure Program with a Diploma in Kinesiology and has a Bachelor of Science, Major in Kinesiology from the University of Prince Edward Island.

Allie is passionate about all things health & fitness and is a bodybuilder and powerlifter athlete as well! Allie specializes in maximizing muscle growth, powerlifting, bodybuilding, rehabilitation and overall fitness.

As a health coach & personal trainer, she not only wants to help you achieve your desired results & goals, but she wants to educate you in the process and help you become the strongest & healthiest you’ve ever been!

A session with her, you are guaranteed to learn something new and leave feeling content and satisfied!


Shawn Francis



Phone: (902) 394-2797

Programs Offered:

  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Core
  • Agility
  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Aerobic/Anaerobic
  • Rehabilitation
  • Functional Movements

Shawn works in the industry providing specialized training programs for seniors, group sessions, basic conditioning, one on one rehabilitation for all ages, genders and levels of physical activity.

His training style is designed to help improve the body by strengthening, toning and building the cardiovascular system. He uses everyday functional movements in his program designed to teach you how to link your body together to get the best results.

He strives to continuously change each class to keep your mind and body fully challenged. No two classes are ever alike.

He has so much to offer—you will not be disappointed! Great full body workout for men and women of all fitness levels.


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